Maureen Lafontaine Net Worth (2024)

1. Maureen LaFontaine, philanthropist and matriarch of auto empire, dies

  • 30 okt 2019 · Maureen LaFontaine of Highland Township, matriarch of a metro Detroit auto empire, died Monday Oct. 28. She was 73. Maureen was born July 19 ...

  • “She was determined to succeed in a male dominated business and clearly she did,” her children said.

2. Obituary information for Maureen LaFontaine

  • 28 okt 2019 · View Maureen LaFontaine's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.

  • View Maureen LaFontaine's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.

3. Co-founder of LaFontaine Automotive Group dies at the age of 73 - WXYZ

4. Lafontaine Automotive Group: Revenue, Competitors, Alternatives

  • Founded in 1980 by Michael Sr. and Maureen LaFontaine, the award winning and nationally recognized LaFontaine Automotive Group includes 34 retail franchises ...

  • Lafontaine Automotive Group top competitors are Extreme Automation, Bleichert Automation and Robotics and VU Manufacturing and they have annual revenue of $559.5M and 1211 employees.

5. Business Coaching | Detroit Metropolitan Area - Levitt Consulting

  • Maureen LaFontaine, of the LaFontaine Automotive Group, describes how the family develops and lives their unique business culture.

  • We offer practical business coaching and strategic business planning in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Contact us today.

6. Staff | LaFontaine Volvo Cars Farmington Hills

  • Staff. Owners. Mike LaFontaine: Owner. Maureen LaFontaine: Owner. Ryan LaFontaine: Owner. Kelley LaFontaine: Owner. Management. Matt Griffith: General Manager.

  • Meet our staff at Lafontaine Volvo of Farmington Hills!

7. Ryan LaFontaine Chief Operating Officer ... - My City Magazine

  • 1 feb 2018 · My parents are Michael and Maureen LaFontaine. My father began his career in 1966 selling Volkswagens, and in 1980, opened our first store – a ...

  • For Ryan LaFontaine, success could mean becoming the nation’s No.1 car dealership, the youngest chairman of the North American International Auto Show, or receiving many prestigious business awards. While he has accomplished these things, success to him means beating cancer, having a cherished wife and a thriving family. To this humble businessman, it is definedRead More

8. Young Car Dealer Busy Making Plans – Then Gets Horrible News

  • 4 sep 2019 · He is chief operating officer of the automotive group founded in 1980 by his parents, Michael and Maureen LaFontaine. Sister Kelley is group ...

  • Ryan LaFontaine of the LaFontaine Auto Group talks about his business style, what he’s learned from his dealer parents and his fight with cancer.

9. [PDF] The Most Powerful Business Leaders in Metro Detroit

  • LAFONTAINE, RYAN ... NET WORTH: $1.8 billion (Forbes). HEADQUARTERS: Converted a former school in ...

10. Family's Dealerships Do Extremely Well in Exurbs, Elsewhere

  • 21 nov 2013 · Maureen LaFontaine flanked by family members including son Ryan at left cuts ribbon to open new. Maureen LaFontaine, flanked by family ...

  • The LaFontaines, a clan of “borderline workaholics,” own 18 franchises at 10 locations.

Maureen Lafontaine Net Worth (2024)


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