Hollywood Sitcom Actor Awaits Extradition After Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 20 Times, DA Says (2024)

Hollywood Sitcom Actor Awaits Extradition After Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 20 Times, DA Says (1)

GettyDowntown Los Angeles, California.

Nick Pasqual, who appeared in the television series “How I Met Your Mother,” is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend 20 times and will be extradited to California after being arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a news release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

According to his IMDb profile, Pasqual appeared in one episode of the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” in 2011, and more recently in the TV series “Archive 81” in 2022 and the movie “Poor Paul” in 2023.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced on May 29 that Pasqual was charged with attempted murder and other charges stemming from the May 23 incident. Daily Mail reported on June 8 that Pasqual is in the Hudspeth County Jail in Texas awaiting extradition to California.

“Pasqual allegedly fled the scene and was detained at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. He will be extradited to Los Angeles County where he will face charges for this crime,” the DA’s office wrote in the news release.

Entertainment Tonight reported that the woman who was stabbed is named Allie Shehorn. ET reported that Shehorn had gotten a restraining order against Pasqual, her ex-boyfriend, before the stabbing, accusing him of grabbing her by the neck and pushing her against the wall.

A GoFundMe page to help with Shehorn’s recovery also names her. It has raised more than $111,000.

The Los Angeles County DA Says That Nick Pasqual Stabbed ‘His Estranged Girlfriend Multiple Times’ at her Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announced in the May 29 news release that Pasqual “has been charged with allegedly stabbing his estranged girlfriend multiple times on May 23 at her Sunland home in the city of Los Angeles.”

“My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the victim in this horrific incident,” District Attorney Gascón said in the release. “Our office, including our Bureau of Victim Services, extends our support and resources to her as she embarks on the long and difficult journey of healing from both the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon her. This heinous incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence. We will ensure that the individual responsible for this egregious act is held accountable for their actions.”

Gascon announced that “Nick Pasqual (dob 4/12/90) is charged in case 24SFCF00724 with one count of attempted murder; one count of first-degree residential burglary with person present; and one count of injuring a spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend or child’s parent.”

His release added, “It is further alleged that Pasqual inflicted great bodily injury upon the victim under circ*mstances involving domestic violence. It also is alleged that Pasqual personally used a knife during the commission of the crime. An arrest warrant was issued on May 24. An arraignment date has not yet been scheduled.”

Nick Pasqual Is Accused of Breaking Into the Makeup Artist’s Home

The DA’s release says that, on May 23, at approximately 4:30 a.m., Pasqual “allegedly broke into the victim’s Sunland home in the city of Los Angeles and proceeded to stab the victim multiple times. The victim had recently filed a restraining order against Pasqual.”

The release says the “victim was hospitalized with critical injuries. If convicted as charged, the maximum sentence is life in state prison.”

According to the release, “The court issued an arrest warrant for Nick Pasqual, in the amount of $1,075,000. The case is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department.”

The GoFundMe page for Shehorn reads:

I come to you today with a heavy heart and a plea for help for someone very dear to me, my friend Allie. Recently, she faced a horrific and senseless act of violence – she was stabbed multiple times by her ex boyfriend. As a result, Allie is now in the hospital fighting for her life, in critical condition.

Allie is a remarkable person, full of warmth, kindness, and love. No one deserves to endure such a traumatic experience, especially someone as compassionate and caring as Allie. The road to recovery will be long and arduous, but with your support, we can help ease her burden and provide the financial assistance she desperately needs.

On May 28, an update on the page said that Shehorn was moved out of the intensive care unit. In the last update, on May 29, the page read, “Allie Shehorn is making positive steps to her recovery. ❤️‍. It’s still a very long road but she is facing it with courage and determination.”

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Hollywood Sitcom Actor Awaits Extradition After Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 20 Times, DA Says (2024)


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